Cosmetic Dentistry Bring Back Your Smile and Confidence

While many people head to the dentist for a checkup and a cleaning, others go for those reasons, plus cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of their beautiful smile. While it is essential to have a mouthful of healthy teeth, it is also vital that your smile is just the way you want it to be to have plenty of self-confidence and an increase in self-esteem. The best way to accomplish this is through different types of cosmetic dentistry, depending on your preferences and your needs.

Cosmetic Dentist Office in Fallbrook CA area

Cosmetic Dentist Office in Fallbrook, California

At the office of James Moran, DDS, an approach of not one size fits all people is taken. It means that Dr. Moran and his team offer an array of cosmetic dental services so they can customize them to your specific needs. Below is a detailed list of the different types of cosmetic dentistry that are offered.

Porcelain veneers

Many people opt to get dental veneers that consist of a shell placed over their natural teeth to enhance their appearance and keep them white and beautiful. Dr, Moran uses porcelain veneers since they are the most natural-looking and versatile option for veneers, and they are solid and durable. They can help remove various imperfections, including crooked teeth, permanent discoloration, misshapen teeth, and gaps in the teeth. Porcelain veneers can be applied to one single tooth or all your teeth, depending on what you need to have done.

Actual Patient Before And After Results

Porcelain Veneers, Before and After 03

Porcelain Dental Crowns, Overlays, and Underlays

Porcelain dental crowns, as well as overlays and underlays, are used as part of restorative dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. Any one of these can be used to address any issues you have with your teeth, and the porcelain can be created to be color-matched to your natural teeth to create a gorgeous smile.

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Teeth whitening

If you have permanent discoloration of your teeth and do not like to smile because of it, teeth whitening can bring back your gorgeous smile and your confidence. Professional whitening of your teeth is much better than buying the over-the-counter methods since doing it administered under the care of your dentist. It is much safer, so you do not harm your teeth, plus you will get better whitening results. You get to pick how much lighter a shade of white you want to achieve for your teeth. Dr. Moran will create professional at-home whitening kits that are custom-fitted to your mouth and used with a medical-grade bleaching agent that will brighten your smile in no time at all.

If you have been searching for a “cosmetic dentist in Fallbrook,” your search is over. To set up an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact the office of James Moran, DDS, by calling (760) 284-8477 for an appointment today.

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About Dr. Moran

James Moran, DDS is a USC School of Dentistry graduate and has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Fallbrook since 1984. He has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics and is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a part-time instructor with Mid-Continent Orthodontics. He is also past President of the Southwest Affiliate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Moran is also a board member and Scholarship Committee Chairman of the Fallbrook Ag Boosters.

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