A Dental Crown Procedure to Make Your Teeth Look and Feel Better and Stronger

If you have extensive tooth damage and reside in Fallbrook, California, a standard filling may not work. When your tooth needs more extensive repair or support, Dr. James Moran may recommend a dental crown. Porcelain dental crowns made of a material matching your natural teeth can improve the appearance and health of your teeth for a more beautiful and functional smile.

Dental Crown Restoration in Fallbrook California Area

What to Expect from a Dental Crown Procedure

You need at least two dental appointments to get a dental crown from James M. Moran, DDS. The first appointment involves examinations and preparation, but the actual procedure is done during the second appointment. When your dentist recommends a dental crown, here is what you can expect:

  • Examination: We thoroughly examine your tooth root and the bone structure by looking at the x-ray images.
  • Anesthetics: We numb your mouth to reduce discomfort during the crown treatment procedure.
  • Tooth preparation: The dentist shapes your tooth to make room for the dental cap. We cleanse the damaged tooth, and if your tooth has extensive damage, we fill up the tooth to support a crown.
  • Bite impressions: We take your bite impressions and send the images to a dental lab to design your crown. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your prepped tooth.
  • Installation: After about 2-3 weeks, your new crown will be ready, and you need to see Dr. Moran for fitment. Where necessary, we adjust your crown and use dental cement to bond it permanently on your tooth.
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Dental crowns strengthen and restore the full function of your damaged tooth. Plus, our porcelain crowns are designed to match your natural teeth, so there are no chances of “fake-looking” appliances. Once Dr. Moran installs a dental crown, it’s difficult to tell it apart from the rest of your teeth!

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Reviving your smile with natural-looking dental crowns is possible. When done correctly, dental crowns strengthen your teeth and produce a realistic appearance to blend with the rest of your teeth. If you think porcelain crowns are suitable for you, please dial (760) 284-8477 to book an appointment with the team at James M. Moran, DDS.

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About Dr. Moran

James Moran, DDS is a USC School of Dentistry graduate and has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Fallbrook since 1984. He has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics and is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a part-time instructor with Mid-Continent Orthodontics. He is also past President of the Southwest Affiliate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Moran is also a board member and Scholarship Committee Chairman of the Fallbrook Ag Boosters.

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