Lost Teeth? Restore Your Smile with Natural Looking Dentures

At the office of James M. Moran, DDS, in Fallbrook, California, we know how difficult it can be to live with missing teeth. Tooth loss can affect how you look, eat, and speak and jeopardize your oral health. Fortunately, there are practical solutions for replacing missing teeth, one of which is natural-looking dentures. Today’s dentures have much to offer in restoring tooth health, function, and your smile’s esthetic appeal.

Natural Looking Dentures in Fallbrook CA area

Denture Types and Options

When it comes to dentures, there are different types to choose from. Partial dentures are used to replace multiple lost teeth, while complete dentures replace all your teeth. Traditional partial and complete dentures are removable prosthetics held by a gum-colored base that adheres to your gums by suction or adhesives. At night, they are removed for cleaning.

Implant-supported dentures are anchored in place by titanium posts embedded into your jaw. Your prosthetic teeth clip onto this post for support and stability. Implant-supported dentures won’t slip or shift when you eat, smile, or laugh, making them an excellent tooth replacement option for those who want something more permanent. At James M. Moran, DDS we do not place the implant in-house, we perform the restoration once the implant has fused with the bone over a period of time.

Key Features of Modern Dentures

Today’s dentures are more comfortable than ever and fit properly, so you can eat with greater ease. They’re made of quality materials that closely mimic the look, feel, and texture of real teeth. Replacing missing teeth with dentures can help preserve your oral health and restore your ability to speak clearly. Most importantly, modern dentures can restore the beauty of your smile at an affordable cost.

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Denture Care Tips

The following tips can help you extend the lifespan of your new prosthetic teeth:

  • Soak your dentures nightly in room temperature water or cleaning solution to keep them moist when not in use.
  • Use quality adhesive for holding removable dentures in place.
  • Rinse your dentures after eating or brush with a soft toothbrush and water to remove food particles.
  • See Dr. Moran regularly for routine checkups of your gums and teeth.

To schedule a consultation for denture treatment, contact Dr. James Moran, DDS in Fallbrook, California, at (760) 284-8477.

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