Benefits of choosing Partial Dentures to replace lost teeth

If your smile is suffering due to missing teeth, you can resolve this problem effectively with partial denture treatment. Partial dentures offer a practical, affordable, and natural means of replacing missing teeth, so you can smile, eat and talk with confidence and ease. At the office of Dr. James Moran in Fallbrook, California, we offer customized denture services for replacing lost teeth. 

Partial Dentures Service in Fallbrook California Area

Here are a few reasons to consider partial dentures as your teeth replacement treatment.

Consequences of missing teeth

When teeth are missing, your smile is incomplete. Missing teeth affect your bite, your ability to chew, and your speech. Over time, other teeth may start to shift to fill in the gap left by lost teeth. This can complicate cleaning, putting you at risk of developing cavities or gum disease. Missing teeth can also result in bone loss, which can cause your jaw to sag and make you look older than you really are.

Benefits of partial dentures

Partial dentures can prevent dental issues caused by missing teethDr. James Moran will customize your dentures to suit your specific dental care needs. Removable partial dentures come with clasps that attach to your natural teeth for support.

Partial dentures can benefit you by:

  • Completing your smile for a more pleasing appearance.
  • Making it easier to chew, so you can enjoy a hearty diet.
  • Facilitating your speech.
  • Preventing teeth from shifting.
  • Supporting facial muscles, gums, and jawbone to prevent sagging.
  • Restoring your confidence and self-esteem.
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Partial dentures cost

The cost of partial denture treatment varies, depending on a person’s unique dental needs. Most patients find this treatment a cost-effective means of replacing missing teeth. At the office of Dr. James Moran, we’ll work with you to provide quality teeth replacement treatment at a cost you can afford.

Partial dentures service in Fallbrook, CA

To schedule a consultation with Dr. James Moran for partial denture services, contact our Fallbrook clinic at (760) 284-8477. We look forward to meeting your dental care needs.

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