Are root canal procedures painful?

If you are suffering from excruciating toothache due to injury or decay, most dentists are quick to recommend tooth removal. However, at the dental office of Dr. James Moran, we understand how valuable your natural teeth are. In light of this, we offer root canal therapy to salvage your natural teeth and save you costly tooth replacement treatments.

Root Canal Procedure in Fallbrook California Area

What should I expect from a root canal procedure?

After your dentist examines your teeth and determines you need a root canal, the next step is to numb your gums to ensure the procedure is comfortable. Your dentist then drills a tiny opening in the top part of your affected tooth to access the infected inner pulp.

After opening up your tooth, the infected pulp, nerves, and other debris are removed. The pulp chamber is then sanitized, and the root canals are cleaned to get rid of any bacteria. Your tooth is then sealed off, and a crown is installed to strengthen your already weakened tooth.

Is a root canal painful?

“You need a root canal.” If there are words that have the power to strike fear in dental patients, it’s these few words. Unfortunately, most people have the notion that root canals are painful and torturous. The reality is that a root canal is completely different. It’s a dental process that:

  • Relieves pain.
  • Salvages your tooth.
  • Alleviates infection.
  • Improves oral functionality.

A root canal used to be painful back in the days, and it is wrong to hold on to this notion today. Modern dentistry has made it possible to use anesthesia and other gentle techniques to make the procedure painless. In fact, many patients say that a root canal hurts no more than a common cavity filling!

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You may experience mild pain after a root canal, but over-the-counter pain medications and home remedies can help alleviate this. However, if the pain is intense and persists for over a week, please book an appointment with your dentist.

Root canal dentist in Fallbrook, CA

Are you suspecting that you may need a root canal? Please reach out to the office of Dr. James Moran in Fallbrook, CA, to book an appointment. Call (760) 284-8477.

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